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Billboards in Berks County:

I-78 Advertising

Rt. 61 Advertising

Rt. 183 Advertising

Berks Advertising Map

Billboards in Schuylkill County:

I-81 Advertising

Rt 309 Advertising

Schuylkill Advertising Map

Billboards in York County:

Rt. 15 Advertising

York Advertising Map

Billboards in Columbia County:

I-80 Advertising

Columbia Advertising Map

Billboards in Lancaster County:

I-76 PA Turnpike

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Wicks Outdoor Advertising Inc. is an independent billboard company owned and operated by Lucas Wicks. Wicks Outdoor has billboards including bulletins and posters on primary roads in Berks, Schuylkill, Columbia, Lancaster, and York Counties in eastern PA.

Our outdoor advertising locations can be found along the I-78 corridor, eastbound I-78 and westbound I-78 between Harrisburg and Allentown, near Cabela’s. We have billboards located on route 61 and route 183 between Reading PA and Pottsville PA near the I-78 corridor.  Wicks Outdoor also has billboards on route 15 near Dillsburg PA between Harrisburg and Gettysburg, I-81 between Harrisburg and Scranton Pa, and I-80 near Bloomsburg Pa.

See All our locations - and more photos of each advertising location below.


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